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S. Korea Has Zombies

2010 November 25

North and South Korea are at it again. (not that they ever quit)

Earlier this month N. Korea lead a military attack on a small island in S. Korea because it was “part of the reclusive country’s ongoing efforts to use its military might and nuclear program to squeeze diplomatic and economic concessions out of Seoul and Washington,” according to a report in the National Journal by Yochi J. Dreazen.

But we all know that’s just another pack of lies their trying to force feed us.

N. Korea attacked the small S. Korean island of Yeonpyeong because S.Korea was using the island to breed zombies.

N. Korea has been in the news a lot lately.  Mainly due to their nuclear weapons processing and this guy:

S. Korea didn’t have many options, what with their northern brothers busting out the nuclear bombs like they were sugar cakes.  So good old Uncle Sam lent a sneaky hand, since a good number of soldiers are living in S. Korea, and gave the good people of S. Korea an advantage, The Zombie Virus.

S. Korea immediately began testing the virus on random citizens, or “volunteers” as they like to call them, and started producing a small army that would attack the North and viciously reduce the enemy to nothing but a horde of greedy, undead monsters.

Zombies are nothing new to the friends of the Far East.  Historical documentation puts zombies in the Philippines and Korea is just a hop, skip, and a  jump away from there.  However, back in those days zombies were seen as nothing but a terminal threat that had to be eliminated.

Now, zombies are used for everything from slave labor to household pets.

I was able to get a quick pic from the island before it was attacked by N. Korea.  Here was the snapshot from a video surveillance camera before it was destroyed by the blast.

Imagine this frightful bunch at your doorstep on Halloween and I got news for ya’, they don’t want candy.

While the North and South duke it out with “military weapons”, we all know that one day the entire area will become a breeding ground for the undead.  To those of you planning any vacations this year, and don’t want to become a zombie, I’d recommend Las Vegas over the Far East.  At least in Vegas, zombies are fed well and trained to just sit at nickel slots and bitch about the drink lady that never comes back.


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